Health Coaching with Christine

General Information

Contact Christine HERE to schedule ~15 minute chat to determine if her services are right for you.  Or if you are new to coaching and are curious about it, schedule a FREE coaching session with her.  Sessions usually occur via the Zoom online conferencing platform and last ~1 hr. 


Data Analysis

Do you have data that you would like Christine to analyze--for example, 23andme, Nutrition Genome or other DNA tests or laboratory results or a food diary?   Or do you have research articles that you would like evaluated?  If so, please email relevant documents to at least one week prior to your coaching session.



Single Session: $135 

Outside-of-Session Data Analysis: $50 per 30 min

Five Session Coaching Package (~15% discount): $575

Coaching usually involves multiple sessions because gently peeling the layers back takes time.  We've all got a goldmine inside--strength we didn't know was there.  Coaching is the thing that can bring your life up to the next level.


Coaching Takes Bravery

Coaching asks you to look inside and be honest with yourself about where you are and where you want to go.   Go ahead and be bold!  You can do it!