Science-Based Health Consulting & Coaching

Get Healthy By Changing How You Eat



Christine is a Nutrition Expert 

with a PhD in Biochemistry

Do you have health issues that stem from the way  you eat? Christine has an in-depth molecular & cellular understanding of the the root causes of many of the food-related chronic diseases we face today, and she is passionate about educating people on how their food choices can impact their health. She stays current with the latest discoveries in nutritional science, particularly as they relate to sugar/carbohydrate & lipid metabolism. By working with her, she can help you develop a healthy eating plan that is nutritious & satisfying, and most importantly gets your health back on track. Christine is someone you can trust in the often-confusing world of dietary advice.



Christine is a Certified Coach through the 

Human Potential Institute (HPI)

Do you know what you need to do but are having a hard time figuring out how to do it?  Christine uses coaching to help people bring their health to the next level. She does this by using the skills she's learned through HPI's cutting-edge program, which is accredited by the reputable International Coach Federation (ICF).  By working with her, she can help you build awareness around what is important to you and help you develop skills for navigating past any obstacles in the way. Ultimately you will discover a reliable inner strength that can pave a path for you to live life at your highest potential. We all have a goldmine inside--you just need the right conversation to access it.


Consulting & Coaching Services

If you are struggling with food-related health issues, you will benefit from both Consulting & Coaching. Consulting with Christine is a great way to learn the science behind healthy eating; this is the "Information" piece. And through Coaching with Christine, you will learn how to make real & lasting change; this is the "Transformation" piece. Together, these two approaches will take you from where you are to where you want to be health-wise. 

Click below to set up an appointment with her so that she can find out what is going on for you:

Consulting: The first step for figuring out how to help you is to do a deep-dive into what is going on for you physiologically.  Do you have recent lab results, specifically lipid panels, liver enzyme & HbA1C tests? If so, it will be helpful for Christine to be able to take a look at them. In addition, it is important for her to get a detailed idea of what and how you have been eating. To relay this information to her, please click on the button below. This will take you to a dietary intake form that will help her determine what you are getting too much of and what is missing from your diet. 

Coaching: High quality coaching is what you need when you know what you want to do but are having a hard time actually doing it.  Christine is currently enrolled in advanced coach-training coursework through the Human Potential Institute. The type of coaching she is learning is based on the work of cognitive science experts Guy Claxton (DPhil) & Eugene Gendlin (PhD), who have developed techniques for helping people build embodied awareness around what it is that they really want and how to move forward in the most meaningful ways to achieve their goals.


Single Session Consulting or Coaching: $105 

Five Session Combination Consulting & Coaching Package: $450

(usually 2 Consulting sessions followed by 3 Coaching sessions)